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Phamatech clients who collect urine for employment drug screening generally fall into two categories; US Department of Transportation (DOT) collections and non-DOT collections. This page provides instruction for collectors of US Department of Transportation (DOT) urine drug screens, references and documentation, collector testing and upon successful training, a Certificate. Non-DOT collection are not as standardized/regulated, but generally follow the DOT procedures except for using different forms and single specimen containers.

To be permitted to act as a collector in the DOT drug testing program, you must meet the following requirements: Be knowledgeable about "DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines" and agency regulations, receive qualification training, complete 5 mock collections, receive refresher training every 5 years or after an error in a collection, and documentation of your training. To get started, download and print these documents, read the materials, complete your mock collections, and take the test. Upon successful completion of the training and testing, download the Certificate.

For additional information and DOT agency (modality) modifications (Motor Carrier, FAA, etc) click on the blue underlined links to the DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance. Also the DOT page for Urine Collection Personnel is informative. While collector certification is NOT required by the US DOT, documented training is. Phamatech has several onstaff DATIA certified collectors to answer questions you may have. Contact your Phamatech salesperson or Customer Service for additional training information.

1. Training Requirements for Collectors (Dec 2006): Appendix B of Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines

2. Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines (Dec 2008): US DOT Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines

3. DOT Reminders Collection Integrity: US DOT Reminders To Collectors on Collection Integrity

4. Collection Sites Forms and Equipment (Jan 26, 2007): US DOT Collection Site Forms and Equipment 49CFR40.43

5. US DOT Complete 49 CFR Part 40 (June 25, 2008): Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs 49 CFR Part 40  

6. DOT Federal Chain of Custody Form Front Side

7. DOT Federal Chain of Custody Instruction Reverse Side

8.DOT Urine Specimen Collection Training: Download the Phamatech DOT Collector Training Course

9.DOT Urine Specimen Collection Examination: Download the Phamatech DOT Collector Training Examination

10. DOT Urine Specimen Collection Certificate: Download the Phamatech DOT Collector Training Certificate (Edit in Word and print)


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