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Product Fact Sheet

The Phamatech At Home™ Drug Test is the first rapid drug test kit cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter distribution and subsequent home use. Based on urine analysis testing, the product covers the most commonly abused drugs and provides results in approximately 10 minutes. The kit includes a rapid drug-screening device, a wide-mouth collection container, easy to read instructions an educational handbook with frequently asked questions and all the materials required to ship a sample to the laboratory if the screening test indicates that drugs may be present.

Testing Process:
Drug testing requires two steps: screening and confirmation. The first step requires the use of the At Home Drug Test's urine collection cup and rapid drug screening device, which resembles a credit card in size and shape and contains antibodies against the most commonly abused drugs. Users simply dip the device into the urine and read the results in 10 minutes.

The results displayed as color bands in the window of the device, are as easy to interpret as a home pregnancy test. "Negative" results indicate that none of the targeted drugs were detected in the urine sample. "Preliminary" results indicates that the device reacted with something in the urine and confirmation testing (step two) is required.

If the screening device indicates a preliminary result, it is necessary to send the sample to a Phamatch contracted laboratory, which will test to confirm for the presence of drugs. Laboratory results will be available seven to ten business days after the specimen is mailed. The sample is tracked through an anonymous personal identification number for confidentiality.

• Immediate negative results (10 minutes or less) makes testing easier to administer for families and other consumers

• High level of accuracy

• Only product to combine test results with counseling and support network

• The first and best selling FDA-cleared, OTC drug test

Drug Detection:
The At Home™ Drug Test screens for the most commonly abused drugs: Amphetamines and MDA, Methamphetamines, Ecstasy (MDMA), Marijuana, Cocaine and Opiates.

At Home™ Hot-Line:
A toll-free hot-line, staffed by professionals M-F 7:00am - 5pm (Pacific Time), is available to all customers and pharmacists. The support line provides test results and offers assistance to questions. Customers are also offered the option of being transferred to a network of respected professional counselors nationwide who can assist with further medical needs.

The At Home™ Drug Test and service are completely anonymous and confidential. The results will never be reported to any medical or legal organization; users ar only identified with a number. Names and addresses are never required.

Community Support
Phamtech is the number one supporter of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) and participants in programs with groups such as Drug Free America, Inc., Region 9 Development Commission, PRIDE and North County Solutions for Change to help keep our communities Drug Free. Because drugs are a global problem, the At Home Drug Test is also distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

The At Home™ Drug Test, 99% accurate, 100% confidential.






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