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At Home™ Drug Test | Questions & Answers

Answers to Common Questions

What does each panel represent?
Panel 1 = Methamphetamines and / or Ecstasy
Panel 2 = Amphetamines
Panel 3 = Marijuana
Panel 4 = Cocaine
Panel 5 = Opiates (i.e. Codeine, Morphine)

Does a faint line indicate a negative result?
Yes, faint lines do indicate negative results. The presence of a test line, regardless of how light, indicates a negative result. Some test lines tend to run naturally lighter than others, for example #3. You are more then welcome to send the specimen to the laboratory for additional testing if you are not convinced the result is negative, however, the intensity of the line plays absolutely no role in the At Home Drug Test.

Why did the laboratory report the specimen as negative when I had preliminary results at home?
The test device, like all screening tests, is meant to distinguish negative urines from those that MIGHT contain drugs. The screening device often detects many of the drug breakdown products contained in urine. The laboratory only tests for ONE or TWO specific breakdown products. If there is not enough of that ONE specific compound, the lab will report the urine as negative.

How long does Marijuana stay in the system if the person is not a chronic user?
Occasional users: up to 10 days (but may be as early as 1-2 days). There are a lot of variables involved and that makes it difficult to project exactly how long the drug will remain detectable in a particular individual.

Why do some lines show up fainter than others?
There is a minimum amount of drug that has to be present in the urine specimen in order for the test device to consider the urine positive. With some drugs, the minimum amount is relatively high, like amphetamines (1000ng/mL). With other drugs the minimum amount is relatively low, like marijuana (50ng/mL). The lower the minimum amount, the lighter the line will be in negative urine.

Does a faint line mean there is some drug present in the urine?
The presence of a test line, regardless of how faint, indicates a negative result. Even if there is some drug in the urine, if the line is present, the urine does not have the MINIMUM amount of drug needed to consider it positive, so it is considered negative. The laboratory test also relies on minimum amounts.

Will I get the same results from another laboratory?
The laboratory that performs the confirmation testing is one of only 70 laboratories in the United States certified to perform regulated drug testing. A majority of employment, Federal government and criminal justice drug tests performed in the United States are done at those 70 laboratories. The At Home drug-screening device is standardized to the same testing levels as those used by the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act.

My child admitted to using drugs a week ago, but I got a negative result. Why?
Most drugs are eliminated from the body within a few days, with the exception of chronic marijuana use. If your child admitted to using marijuana, and he or she is not a chronic smoker (everyday), the drug was likely already cleared from the body prior to the test.

Why are the cutoffs on the screen higher than the confirmation test?
The screening test is designed to detect several of the drug breakdown products (metabolites) present in the urine after drug use. The laboratory analysis, by contrast, is designed to detect only ONE or TWO of the major breakdown products. Therefore, the minimum amount needing to be present in the urine is lower (in most cases).

After marijuana use, urine contains as many as 8 different breakdown products of THC. All of these combine together to cause a SCREEN test to read preliminary (or positive). At the laboratory, the confirmation test is designed to detect only ONE. The one substance must be present at 15ng/mL in order for the lab to consider the urine positive. If the substance is present at 14ng/mL or lower, the urine will be considered negative.

Is it possible that secondary smoke will cause a positive THC result?
While it has been scientifically proven that secondary exposure to marijuana smoke will cause some of the drug to get into the body of the individual, it is nearly impossible for enough drug to enter the body to cause a positive drug test.

Can I scoop urine out of the toilet to use on the test?
NO. Urine contained in the toilet has been diluted and may have been exposed to cleaning agents that could affect the test results. We do not recommend using urine collected in this manner.

I have not smoked marijuana in more than 30 days, but I am still positive. How long will it take before I am negative?
The guideline for marijuana detection in the “average” chronic user is up to 28 days following last drug use, but there are many variables that may either speed up or lengthen that process. Due to the number of different variables, it is difficult to project how long the drug will remain detectable in a particular individual.

What is the difference between Amphetamine and Methamphetamine?
Methamphetamine is the stimulant drug known on the street as crystal, meth, crank, ice, glass and speed. In the body, anywhere from 4%-7% of the methamphetamine breaks down to amphetamine, so a urine specimen taken from a methamphetamine user would contain both methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Amphetamine is a stimulant drug often prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and obesity. The pharmaceutical names are Adderall, Benzedrine and Dexedrine. Most of the amphetamine available on the street is the result of someone selling his or her prescription or taking a prescription from someone else. A urine specimen taken from an amphetamine user would contain ONLY amphetamine (no methamphetamine would be present).

Can I get a copy of the results sent to me?
You are welcome to have a copy of the laboratory results, but please keep in mind that it will not stand up in court since there is no way of determining from whom the urine specimen was collected. The only identifying information on the report is the PIN NUMBER. The cost for obtaining your report is $5.00 for each report requested.

What does a Negative result mean?
This means that if the sample was collected properly and if the test was performed according to direction, then probably none of the five drug families screened were present in the sample

What does NONE DETECTED mean?
None Detected means you have a Negative result.

What does Preliminary mean?
This means that the test has reacted with something in the sample and the sample must be sent to the lab for a more accurate test.

Does AHDT test for everything?
NO. AHDT will test ONLY for the substances listed on the box you purchase.






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