COVID-19 Testing

Test Location Site: Phamatech Inc., 15175 Innovation Drive, San Diego, CA 92128
Dates/Hours Available: Sat/Sun 9AM - 2PM
Corporate testing is available. Please email us at for details and pricing.

Please select an option from the schedules below:

Self-Pay Scheduling
Tests must be paid for up front. Receipt and results will contain documentation that may be submitted to insurance for possible reimbursement.

COVID-19 infection by RT-PCR 
               (Nasal swab collection $120.00)

COVID-19 Antibodies test

                (Blood draw $95.00)

COVID-19 infection by RT-PCR and Antibodies test

                (Nasal swab and blood draw $195.00)

Medicare and Medicaid Scheduling
Medicare and Medicaid Insurance will be billed. Please have your insurance information ready.

COVID-19 infection by RT-PCR
                (Nasal swab collection)

COVID-19 Antibodies test

                (Blood draw)

COVID-19 by RT-PCR and Antibodies test

                (Nasal swab and blood draw)