Medication Monitoring

Clinical Toxicology

Phamatech, Inc. provides urine drug testing (UDT) to assist pain management physicians with patient treatment. Patients with chronic pain may require opioids and other powerful and addictive medications. Current clinical guidelines recommend the use of urine drug testing to help guide decisions about medications and treatment regimens, and when to refer for substance abuse. Testing can help identify and deter patient diversion of prescriptions and use of illicit drugs.

Medication Monitoring is a process that allows your doctor to determine if you are currently taking any medications that could interfere with prescriptions that your doctor would like to give you and if you are taking previously prescribed medications correctly. Patients react to medications differently. Your doctor has chosen to monitor your prescription intake to determine the effectiveness of your treatment plan. This information will help your physician make safe and effective decisions about your treatment.

Test with Phamatech, Inc.

To further enhance your compliant Medication Monitoring & Risk Management testing program, Phamatech, Inc. offers a wide range of individual drug tests to help you specify monitoring for each patient’s specific needs. The urine drug test options include: Alcohol, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Illicits, Muscle Relaxants, Opiates, Stimulants, Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Opiates, Specimen Validity, and more.

Why Urine and Oral Fluid Drug Test

♦ Support treatment decisions
♦ Improve clinician’s ability to manage therapy of prescription drugs
♦ As a pre-surgical assessment
♦ Improve adherence to controlled substance
♦ Identify drug contraindication
♦ Monitor patient adherence
♦ Help advocate for patients with family members
♦ Open a pathway of communication between clinician and patient