Department of Consumer Affairs

Here is a list of items that may damage the quality or change the result. For the best outcome, please do NOT use the following:

♦ Antibiotic Soaps
♦ Alcohol-based hand sanitizers (Purell, GermX)
♦ Antibiotic soaps
♦ Beverages, acidic
♦ Cold, Flu, or Cough Over the Counter Medications
♦ Colognes and Body Sprays
♦ Food containing alcohol (such as vanilla extract, baked Alaska, cherries jubilee, etc.)
♦ Herbal/Homeopathic Medications (ex: Tincture of Gingko Biloba-memory)
♦ Household Chemicals, Cleaners, Disinfectants
♦ Illegal Substances
♦ Inhalers Over the Counter
♦ Insecticides (DEET)
♦ Medicinal Marijuana
♦ Mouthwashes (Listermint, Scope, Cepacol)
♦ “Non-Alcoholic” Beers (O’Doul’s, Sharps)
♦ Nutritional Supplements
♦ Over the Counter Medications (Nyquil, Vicks 44, etc.)
♦ Poppy Seeds
♦ Prescription Medications – Not Prescribed to you; Out of Date; Alcohol Based
♦ Salt Cured Meats
♦ Weight Loss Medications or Supplements

> Note <
Keep all prescription and over the counter medication containers for at least 90 days following consumption.