Oregon State Board of Nursing

Oregon State Board of NursingRESTRICTED ITEM LIST
For the best outcome, please do NOT use the following items, as they may damage the quality of the sample or change the result of the test:

♦ Antibiotic Soaps
♦ Alcohol-based hand sanitizers (Purell, GermX)
♦ Over the counter cold, flue, or cough medication
♦ Household Chemicals, Cleaners, and Disinfectants
♦ Illegal Substances
♦ Over the counter inhalers
♦ Medicinal Marijuana
♦ Nutritional Supplements (Consult with your Probation Monitor prior to taking.)
♦ Poppy Seeds
♦ Prescription Medication: Not Prescribed to You; Out of Date; Alcohol Based
♦ Weight Loss Medications or Supplements

Keep all prescription and over the counter medication containers for at least 90 days following consumption.